Now Power Connections At Easy Monthly Instalments: UP Govt

Now Power Connections At Easy Monthly Instalments: UP Govt

To make it easier for people in the state to get electric supply, the Uttar Pradesh government has come up with the option of giving power connections at an easy monthly instalment of Rs 75 each.

“The endeavour of the Uttar Pradesh government is to resolve all the problems pertaining to electricity in the state and how to make the electricity department consumer- friendly,” Uttar Pradesh energy minister Shrikant Sharma told PTI today.

Sharma said that the government had recently come up with a scheme under which Rs 80 is charged from the consumers seeking one KW connection as initial payment and then Rs 75 is charged as an instalment for the next 16 months in the rural areas of the state.

In urban areas, a one KW connection can be availed at Rs 155 as initial payment, followed by an instalment of Rs 100 for the next 16 months, he said.

“However in these connections, electricity cables will not be provided. If the government arranges power cables, then it will charge nominal EMI,” the minister said.

Sharma said the UP government is mulling providing free electricity connections to people hailing from below poverty line families.



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