Pharma effluents promoting drug resistance?

Pharma effluents promoting drug resistance?

The pharma industry in Hyderabad is polluting the environment with antimicrobials which in turn may contribute to a rise in drug-resistant infections, a new study published in the journal Infection alleges. Claiming that Indian authorities have not done enough to ensure efficient treatment of waste water discharged by the pharma industry, the study also calls upon European regulators to ensure enforcement of regulations during the manufacturing process.

Water samples tested

Hyderabad is a global market for bulk drug purchasing with 50% of India’s drug exports, pegged at over $3 billion, coming from the city. Researchers from Leipzig University Hospital, Germany, tested 28 water samples from difference places in the city, including sewage from around pharma manufacturing units in Patancheru-Bollaram Industrial Development Area on the outskirts. Read More…


Credit By : The Hindu

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