Power Demand Exceeds Output In Meghalaya

Power Demand Exceeds Output In Meghalaya

SHILLONG: Confronted with considerable jump in power demand, the various hydro-based projects will not be able to meet the base load requirement even with the commissioning of two new hydro projects in March 2018.

This was stated by Power Minister Comingone Ymbon at the conference on Energising North East on Tuesday held at State Convention Centre.

“This only shows that the state still has a long way to go in terms of self-sufficiency as far as power generation is concerned despite having large scope for development of small and medium power stations,” he said.

Informing that the state’s power generation is from the Meghalaya Power Generation Corporation Ltd (MePGCL), he said, “The average annual energy generated from the state’s own power stations is around 900 million units (MU) only against a demand of around 1600 MU.”

He further stated that the existing power capacity available from the state’s generation and central power sector share amounts to only 634 MW.

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