Power dept to clear doubts over digital meters

Power dept to clear doubts over digital meters

Power minister Nilesh Cabral said the government will continue installing digital electricity meters, but added that people’s doubts and apprehensions about over billing would be cleared by way of allowing those opposing the change to retain both the old and new meters to allow them to check for variation, in any, in bills generated.

Stating that he had received a representation from some people who were worried that they would receive higher bills following the installation of digital meters, Cabral said, “I told them that this will not be the case and that I will prove it.”

To clear apprehensions, the power minister said those opposing the change would be allowed to retain their old analogue meter along with the new digital meter.

This way, Cabral said, they will able to check for themselves if there are variations in the bills generated by the two meters. Read more

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