Power Plants Without Unique Registration Number Can Not Sell To Grid: CEA Proposal

Power Plants Without Unique Registration Number Can Not Sell To Grid: CEA Proposal

Power generating plants of over 1-mw capacity will have to obtain unique registration numbers without which they will not be able to inject their electricity in the grid, according to a proposal by the Central Electricity Authority.

A meeting was held by CEA with power generators and state distribution companies on July 11. The proposal includes assigning unique registeration number to all generating units.

“A National Level Data Registry is to be maintained by CEA for all the generating units through which all the generating units will get an online generated Unique Registration Number,” minutes of the meeting available on CEA website said.

Once the generating units will get registered with CEA through this unique registration number , Generation Capacity data and other details of Power Plants including Captive Power Plants/Renewable Energy Generators(particularly Wind and Solar) of installed capacity of 1 MW and above would be available with CEA.

“In order to ensure that every generating unit, of capacity 1 MW and above, has this registration number, they would have to quote this registration number while applying for connectivity to the grid, for grid connected generators. Without this unique registration number, application for grid connectivity would not be entertained and if grid connectivity has already been obtained, then in that case, the physical injection of power into the grid would not be allowed without this unique registration number,” the minutes said.

ET had on July 11 reported that the power ministry proposes to make an Aadhaar-like number mandatory for power generating units.

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