‘Railways Should Commercially Exploit Land For Revenue’

‘Railways Should Commercially Exploit Land For Revenue’

The mid-year Economic Survey has recommended a slew of reforms in various sectors, including monetising land for revenue generation in Railways and privatisation of Air India.

The Economic Survey Volume II 2016-17 tabled in the Parliament on Friday suggested that reforms such as privatisation/ disinvestment of Air India, creation of aviation hubs and reconsidering the 0/20 rule are some suggestions to improve Indian airlines’ share in the international market.

For Railways, the Survey suggested no-fare sources, station redevelopment and commercial exploitation of the vacant buildings at the station and land along tracks by leasing out to promote horticulture, tree plantation, advertisement and parcel earnings.

The document stated that it is required to develop non-major port and enhance their efficiency and operational capacity as during the last few years the non-major ports are gaining more share of cargo handling compared to major ports.

It said that in the agricultural and allied sector, which face price risk, marketing infrastructure along the entire value chain needs to be built and strengthened.

“Managing and reducing the various risks in agriculture activities can make the sector resilient, increase profitability and can ensure stable income flows to the farmers,” the Economic Survey said. Read more


Credit By:- The Statesman

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