Renewables Power In India: All You Want To Know In Brief

Renewables Power In India: All You Want To Know In Brief

India may be aiming to turn to renewable power in a big way the government has an ambitious plan to install 175GW of renewables by 2022 but a new report from NITI Aayog and Institute of Energy Economics, Japan, shows there isn’t going to be much change to the country’s energy mix. According to the report, India’s renewable energy demand is certainly set to increase from 3.7% in 2012 to 11-14%, thirty years hence, coal would still account for 42-50% of the country’s energy demand. Probably, the good news is that coal demand would hit its peak in 2037 and thereafter start declining, that is still a long way down for the country that is planning to surpass its Paris commitments.

More important, it can be troublesome for India’s balance of trade, as the report highlights that imports would be a major source for the country meeting its energy needs.

Due to the intervention of clean coal technologies, emission intensity will reduce by 38% in 2032 & 52% in 2047 at the base level of 2005 emission intensity.


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