Tata Motors In Talks With IOCL, PLL For Infra Project

Tata Motors In Talks With IOCL, PLL For Infra Project

Mumbai-based Tata Motors is in talks with Indian Oil Corporation Ltd (IOC) and Petronet LNG Ltd (PLL) for developing related infrastructure for its LNG buses along the high-density Delhi-Mumbai and Kolkata-Bengaluru corridors.

Liquefied natural gas (LNG) is cheaper by almost 40% as compared to diesel and 20% when it comes to compressed natural gas (CNG). However, experts are skeptical about the success of LNG vehicles considering things did not move the way they should have when CNG was introduced. Moreover, with electric vehicles (EV) now being the focus, successful adoption of LNG looks slightly difficult. The government is now aiming to see all vehicles produced beyond the year 2030 to be EVs.

According to Girish Wagh, head, commercial vehicles business at Tata Motors, talks are on with these fuel companies who will be required to develop centres for refuelling across the corridors along with other related infrastructure.

“We have the LNG vehicle ready and are waiting for the infrastructure to take up,” said Wagh. Read More…

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