Tata Power to Focus On Renewable Energy

Tata Power to Focus On Renewable Energy

Tata Power has recently revised the share of non-fossil fuel based capacity up to 35-40% by 2025, of which solar power will be an important component, says Rahul Shah, CEO & Executive Director, Tata Power Renewable Energy Ltd.

Q: What is the current scenario of the renewable sector in India?

A: The renewable energy market is growing fast and India is currently on its way to change the energy mix. The new power tariff policy will help in promoting clean energy, better regulation of the discoms by rolling out investments faster. Renewing the Renewable Purchase Obligation to 8% for solar energy by March 2022 will help in the proper mix of renewable in the power supplied by the utilities. The domestic content requirement and the ‘Make in India’ campaign will also ensure that India has ample strength in the manufacturing of modules as well. Hydro power, which has been lagging for a while will receive a major thrust once the new hydro policy is announced. The government is currently working towards achieving its target of 175 GW of power generation by 2022. Read More…

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