Three Years Of Modi Govt: Power Sector Report Card

Three Years Of Modi Govt: Power Sector Report Card

It was the doomsday of 30 July 2012, that was the blackest day in the history of the India power sector, where the country faced the largest power outage, leaving 62 crore people in darkness. We have come a long way since, overcoming major policy paralysis and the vicious cycle of inaction. Today India ranks 26 in the World Bank’s electricity accessibility ranking, making a major leap from the 99th spot in 2014. How did this turnaround happen? More importantly, we analyse how the man at the helm, Piyush Goyal managed to make the country jump these 73 spots!

As Modi government draws to its three years completion, it’s time to take stock of the hits and misses of the sector. The biggest hit of this sector is the fact that India, for the first time in the history, became a power surplus country. India’s total power capacity increased from 243 GW in march 2014 to 320 GW in mar 2017, a notable growth of 31 per cent. Read More…




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