Western Railway Gets Okay For Local Services On Fifth Line

Western Railway Gets Okay For Local Services On Fifth Line

Commissioner of the Railway Safety (CRS) has approved running of suburban services on the fifth line, between Andheri and Borivli, thus allowing Western Railway to augment its passenger carrying capacity.

A total of 1,322 services, including 42 15-car, run on WR between Churchgate and Dahanu. Train services run on two Up and two Down tracks between Virar and Churchgate.

The fifth line was commissioned on the Santacruz-Borivli stretch in 2002 and the Mumbai Central-Mahim stretch in 1993 to segregate Mail/Express and suburban traffic. It runs parallel to the existing four tracks on the slow and fast corridors between Borivli and Santacruz. Between Santacruz and Mahim, there is a missing link of around 3km. From Mahim, the line goes up to Mumbai Central.

WR divisional railway manager Mukul Jain said, “We will run seven services on the fifth line and all the trains will originate at Andheri. The train will move on the fast corridor between Virar and Borivli, from where it will switch to the fifth line between Borivli-Andheri.”

Two of these services will be during morning peaks hour towards Andheri, and one during evening peak hours towards Virar.

Jain said, “Twenty long-distance trains run on this line. The single track is bi-directional as during morning peak hours trains coming to Mumbai use it, and during evening peak hours, it is used by out-bound trains from Mumbai.”

 WR plans to introduce 32 services by October, of which seven will run on the fifth line, Jain said. “WR is the most saturated sector and a team of officials from Mumbai division had to work hard to squeeze in these services through innovative thinking.”

Jain also credited general manager A K Gupta, who pursued the matter ever since the application for approval was made before the CRS in May.

 WR had to remove structures at Jogeshwari, as they were infringing on the schedule of dimension (SOD) of electrical multiple unit rakes. SOD indicates an obstruction-free zone within which the railway coach, wagon or engines move during travel. As per norms, the fixed structure should be at around 2.33 metres from the centre of the track. WR had to ensure that these fixed structures are at a safe distance even for the maximum moving dimension (MMD) of a running train. Also, changes had to be made in the signalling system on tracks to run these services.
Source Link – The Times of India

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