As Yogi Adityanath Looks For Cheaper Power, Uttar Pradesh Exiting All Costly PPAs

As Yogi Adityanath Looks For Cheaper Power, Uttar Pradesh Exiting All Costly PPAs

In a bid to cut power purchase costs as per the ‘power for all’ agreement signed by the state government in April this year, the Uttar Pradesh Power Corporation (UPPCL) has decided to exit all power purchase agreements (PPAs) that are costly, and instead look for cheaper options available in the market. According to UPPCL sources, the government’s efforts are aimed at limiting power purchase cost to Rs 4 per unit.

In line with this move, UPPCL has already served exit notices on Bajaj Energy’s five generation plants of 90 MW each, which have been built in the vicinity of 5 of its existing sugar units. The units – Barkhera, Khambarkhera, Kundarkhi, Maqsoodpur and Utraula – were commissioned under Bajaj Energy in 2012 and are among the costliest power units supplying to UPPCL. Their average cost of power is approximately Rs 7/unit. As per the 10-day deemed notice period, the UPPCL would be exiting the PPAs from July 19.

Speaking to FE on condition of anonymity, a senior official of UPPCL said a standing committee on power procurement management has been formed, which has been mandated with the task of reducing power procurement costs by exploring all available options.

Last year, there was a huge increase in our average power purchase cost. In 2015-16, the average power cost was Rs 3.86/unit. It went up to Rs 4.08 in 2016-17. In a bid to check this spiralling, we have been asked to bring it down by exploring all options and strategising ways of procuring cheap power. We have already started reviewing the merit order despatch (MOD) and started identifying costly power. The next step we have taken is to restrict or back down on expensive power, including that produced by our own state utilities. As a result, we are not scheduling any costly power,” he said.


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